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Attention: John Q Public, Investigators, Scholars, Scientists and Journalists 


    When you think you've seen, heard, read every 'theory' purporting to solve the question:  "Who Killed JFK?" think comes another one.  Another 'theory' that is.  But this time the 'theory' is directed at investigators, scholars, and scientists.  And--the 'theory' examines--dissects--12 DOCUMENTS (NEVER BEFORE SEEN)....

     "It's like entering another realm, a fourth dimension, the land of OZ". says researcher/investigator Renee Ashley Baker.  "It's like discovering a place--secret and hidden--where numbers and words float--suspended in mid-air.  A place like that place in that TV commercial where 'beings' appear then metamorphosize into different shapes and forms right before your very eyes".

    This is all well and good you say but isn't 'mystical' the wrong way to look at the Kennedy assassination?

    "Yes and no." says Renee.  If--you take into account the word 'mystical' being a derivative of the word 'mystify' what you have is a study of certain 'mysterious dynamics' that for almost 50 years have remained unexplained and unanswered.  Like--Lee Harvey Oswald for example.  Was Lee Harvey Oswald a hapless loner communist who couldn't keep a job (even at a coffee factory?) OR was Lee Harvey Oswald adept spy who spoke  fluent Russian--who had the heart of a patriot --and who could breakdown a sniper weapon in 10 seconds or less?"

    To find out what conclusion Renee Ashley Baker comes to regarding Lee Harvey Oswald and other unanswered questions you must read "12 Documents" by Renee Ashley Baker.  Both Curious George and fellow President George (that is Washington) will find Miss Baker's new "discoveries" both enlightening and--thought provoking".  "12 Documents" (by Renee Ashley Baker) is a 'simplified' look at some very complex evidence.  (Simplified you ask?) Let it best be explained by yet a third George (Sand).George Sand said: "Simplicity: It is the last limit of experience and the last effort of genius". 

    Renee Ashley Baker is the daughter of a Mason.


   "12 Documents (Never Before Seen)" is being published for Newspapers, TV Media, Political Bloggers, Investigators, Scientists, Scholars, Think Tanks, Colleges, Universities, Libraries, politicians, and John Q Public.  To Pre-Order a copy visit website:



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